Q: How do I register my student?

A: Our registration process can be found here.

Q: What grades are at Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School?
A: Currently, MEH offers 6th, 7th, and 8th grades at the middle school.

Q: What time does school start and end?
A: Class begins at 8:05 am. Students are dismissed at 3:00 pm.

Q: Are there after school activities at the school?
A: Please check out our available list of activities here.

Q: When are after school activities held and is there a late bus?
A: Activities are held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and a late bus is provided at 4:30 pm. (**Note this means that there is only late buses on those three days).

Q: Is there a lunch account?
A: Yes, you can place money on an account with our cafeteria supervisor or online here. When you get to the cash register, simply punch in your student ID on the key pad and your lunch will be deducted, along with any extras you purchase.

Q: What if my locker gets jammed or I forget my combination?
A: Please come to the counseling office for help.

Q: Can my child walk to school?
A: Yes. We have a path along the high school.

Q: How do I know when to go to my bus?
A: At the end of the school day, dismissal is announced with a bell at 3:00. An administrator will hold the buses at the bus loop until all students have gotten on their correct bus.

Q: I'm moving. How do I withdraw my student?
A: You will need to fill out a formal withdraw form. These forms can be also be found in the Counseling Department and will need to be signed by the following: library, clinic, and all current teachers. This formal withdrawal process is important to complete because without a formal withdrawal, the student will be unable to enroll in another school.

If possible, forms should be obtained at least 2 days before the students last day, so they are able to take the form to teachers for signature on both their A and B days (teacher signatures are not needed if form is for withdrawing after the last day of school).

Q: Are parents able to schedule a meeting with the counselor regarding their student?
A: Parents may call the counseling assistant during office hours and she will be happy to set up a time to meet with the appropriate counselor. Setting an appointment time ensures that our counselors are in the office for your visit and have enough time to address your questions and concerns.

Q: How can I find out about the courses you offer?
A: For information about the courses that are offered at Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School, please check out our Program of Studies.

How can a School Counselor help?

Counselors are a great asset to any school and provide a variety of insight and expertise. We can help students sort out problems, discuss feelings and needs, explore options, and reach decisions. We can also help parents with concerns about student classroom performance, family changes (such as, moving, death, divorce, or separating), home stress, interpretation of standardized test results, parenting skills, classroom behavior, a sudden change in a child's behavior, peer relations, and responsibility. Read more about how middle school counselors can make a difference at the American School Counselor Association.

How do I see my Counselor?

Students may drop in to see their counselor or schedule a time to see their counselor. Please remember that sometimes the counselors are in meetings, seeing other students and staff, or running a group. Be patient and Ms. Jacobson, Mr. Sowers, Ms. Filmyer or Ms. Gillmore will see you as soon as they can.