Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School

Excite. Engage. Empower. ME3H


MEHMS is committed to creating an innovative learning environment that excites, engages, and empowers ALL of its members to become internationally-minded citizens who are active, compassionate, and reflective lifelong learners.


Our mission is to prepare our students for success in a global society by teaching them 21st Century skills through a rigorous curriculum while maintaining a safe environment conducive to their developmental needs. To achieve this mission we will follow these precepts:

  • We will develop a standards based curriculum that is innovative, challenging, exploratory, interdisciplinary, and relevant to the diverse needs of our young adolescents.
  • We will provide exciting, engaging and empowering learning opportunities that simulate real world experiences. The following effective approaches will be incorporated into our lessons: STEAM Integration (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), Arts Integration, Project Based Learning, Technology Integration, and MYP IB Middle Year's Programme.
  • We will incorporate the MYP framework within our school culture to encourage international mindedness; creative, critical and reflective thinking; and making connections between traditional subjects and the real world.
  • We will teach the agreed upon course objectives while providing evidence of student achievement of those objectives through varied means and timely, relevant assessments.
  • We will work as a Professional Learning Community focusing on best pedagogical practice and data analysis to appropriately challenge and ensure achievement for all learners.
  • We will, by differentiating instruction, demonstrate our belief and expectation that all students can achieve, and ensure each student attains proficient to advanced academic growth.