Documentary Movies!

What makes a Documentary Fantastic?

Purpose: Your Message, make it clear, repeat it, make every image focus on your purpose

Be Prepared: Research, research, research. Your words must be accurate.

Show Passion: Make the viewer care about your story and believe in your purpose.

Narration: Speak clearly and practice your speed and articulation.

Different Media: Combine interviews, images, and videos. You can have the audio of an interview and show images about what they are saying.

Use Captions: Explain when needed

Keep it tight: You will have about 200 words in a 2 minute movie. Pick the right words. Be clear and concise.

Parts of a Documentary

Problem: Tell the backstory. What is the setting? What is the problem? Who was involved? When did this happen?

Actions Taken: What happened and how it happened?

Outcome: What are the consequences and why should the audience care?

Impact: What was the lesson learned from your topic? What is the historical importance of your topic?

Documentary Handouts! 

Possible Topics
Research Notes


1. Books
2. Britannica School (login: sled/ password: dogs1)
3. World Book Online (login: sledmeh1/ password: dogs1)
4. History.com
5. Symbaloo - a list of more web sources for you (Thanks Mrs. Brown!)
6. Museum websites - look for archived materials

Sources for FREE USE Images:

Image Quest
a comprehensive database of images
login ID: sled
password: dogs1

Flickr: Creative Commons
A free website with images that can be used without creating citations.


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