School Supplies & Reading Lists

School Supplies & Reading Lists
Posted on 06/23/2017
Post It Note: Important Information

School Supplies

This year, supply needs are being organized in Amazon Idea Lists. This is a more convenient idea because you may have already acquired some of the items, and now will not have to buy items that you do not want or need. Please visit the links to acquire supplies for your student's success next year. Please pay attention to the quantities required on the lists and any comments that might be attached to a specific item. Also note that not all 200 8th grade students need to bring in the entire "8th Grade Team Needs" list, but the items are needed. Please consider adding one of the items to your shopping cart. Without parent support, teachers purchase school supplies with their own personal funds.

6th Grade Supplies List

7th Grade Supplies List

8th Grade Supplies List

8th Grade Teachers' Needs

Summer Reading Lists

Please view the summer reading lists and locate the page connected to your grade level. 

Summer Homework

6th Grade Summer Writing Practice

6th Grade Summer Grammar Practice

6th Grade Summer Reading Responses

If students have been assigned homework for next year's classes but have lost or forgotten the work, please encourage them to email the teachers.